Life kinda snuck up on me and all of the sudden one day things seemed strange and unfamiliar. The kind of life that other people had and I never believed would be mine.

In high school as a freshman if you had told me I was going to go to college to major in art and become a designer I would’ve thought you were crazy. Art was never something I was good at or very interested in and it was for other people, not for me.

In college, while I majored in art and learned about becoming a designer if you had told me that one day I would pack up my bags and move from NY to CA to start my own business as a freelance designer I wouldn’t have really believed it, even if I did want it. That’s just too risky and only seriously talented people can do things like that and make it.

Once out in California, running my own freelance company if you had told me that I would become so involved in CrossFit that I would look forward to working out 5 times a week, lift barbells more than my body weight, and be a part of an amazing community of people. I would’ve said “what’s crossfit?!” and then once you told me I would’ve rolled my eyes because that’s only for elite athletes and people with extreme willpower. If you had told me that I would start working for an action sports company that some people dream about working at from a very young age, and that while at that company I would be accepted to work at another office in Ljubljana, Slovenia for 3 months with my apartment taken care of… Well, let’s be honest, at this point I probably would’ve said “Sign me up!”

In my college years, I can remember talking to my friend Peter, my travel inspiration, about his world travels. I was asking him how he did it and imagining that one day I would be able to also. But it was always something that felt out of reach and that just wouldn’t happen for me. Now, almost 10 years later I am talking to Peter about my REAL upcoming plans to finally live that dream! At almost thirty years old I’m finally realizing that most things that seem like dreams are actually within reach, and that just opens the door to thinking up even bigger ideas.

Now, as I am embarking on a 3 month adventure to live in Ljubljana, Slovenia I’m realizing that it is real, and holy shit, I have an awesome life! I never would’ve thought that this is something that I would actually be doing. It’s almost unrecognizable, this unimagined life.


    1. admin

      Geez! What’s with the over-emotional people in our family?! 🙂 Just kidding, I’m one to talk, I know. Have a wonderful time in SD for Laura and Kosta’s second wedding. Wish I was there to see you guys!

  1. Meg

    I love this Linds! You’re inspiring so many people and you don’t even know it. Wishing you an incredible, eventful, humbling, eye opening, amazing trip.

    Lots of Love,

    1. admin

      Thanks Meg. I’ve been inspired by so many people myself…including your amazing trip to South America. Hope I can give something back. Sorry I’m missing you in SD. Have a great time!

  2. Ashley thayer


    You should be so proud of yourself. Such an amazing eye opener for all of us to dream big and follow those ideas!! You deserve every piece of happiness and opportunity that comes your way. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck.

    Ashley 🙂

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